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Press-Locked Steel Bar Grating with Refined Structure

Press-locked Steel Bar Grating

Press-locked steel bar grating made by fixed size flat steel through slotted, pressure lock plug, finish, process. At the intersection point of flat steel and horizontal pole, press horizontal pole into loading flat steel, then fixed it. Sometimes the horizontal pole also used flat steel.

Material: High-quality flat steel, stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate.


Size of bearing flat steel: 25 × 3mm, the center space: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 100mm.

Size of horizontal pole: 10 × 2mm, the center space: 50mm, 100mm.

Type of press-locked steel bar grating: Common type: when the steel bearing flat-steel bar is low pressure lock steel mesh plate.

Integral type: Bearing flat-steel and crossbars flat-steel has the same height, cutting depth for bearing flat-steel 1/2 of pressure lock steel mesh plate.

Sunshade type: Load flat steel to open 30 ° or 45 ° chute, flat bar slotted, and then press lock to form grating.

Features: The pressure lock steel case board culvert will bonding steel grid board of high strength, anticorrosive, free maintenance, uniform precision elegant, harmonious natural light structure, style is refined features.

Application: Be widely used in civil and commercial building, theatres, subway, passenger such municipal engineering field, can be used for interior decoration decorate condole top, platform footpath, ventilation windows (well), advertising plaque, various cover plate.

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