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Checker Plate with Raised and Rugged Surface

Checker plate information:

Most material of checker plate is galvanized plate (include clod dip and hot dip), stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, and so on. According to different material: Stainless steel checker plate, common checker plate, aluminum checker plate.

Feature: With the character of non-slip, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Without flare on the construction, easy cutting and installation, good overall efficiency and rugged appearance.

Specification: Thickness from 1mm to 3mm, thickness of thicken crocodile checker plate up to 6mm. Width: 120mm – 1220mm.

Two type of making process:

  1. Hot press pattern.
  2. CNC punching.

According to different uses cutting, bending, welding, forming.

Finish treatment: Polishing, galvanized, sparing , drawing, etc.

Type of checker plate: Crocodile checker plate, hexagonal checker plate, round checker plate and fisheye checker plate.

Round checker plate

Crocodile checker plate

Fisheye checker plate

Hexagonal checker plate

Application of checker plate:

It has light-weight, high strength, corrosion-resistance, anti-skidding, anti-aging, long life, resistance to cutting and other benefits. Widely used as working platforms, equipment platforms, stairways pedal, covering, bridge, walkways, filter sheet and filling support in the industries including petroleum, chemical, mining, electricity, marine exploration, electroplating, ship, water and wastewater treatment, paper making, brewing, pharmaceutical and other industries. Anti-skid plate makes ideal bearing materials in the corrosive environment.

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