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Gabion Wall with Larger Porosity of 20% - 30%

Gabion Wall

Gabion wall is wire mesh baskets that are filled on site with stone or rock to form larger building .

Gabion wall is filled with the stones with appropriate size. With the gap between the rocks, the soil behind the masonry and the water under the slope can be discharged. Thus, it can reduce the water level and the pressure of wall slope and surface. Water can be discharged in time to reduce the destruction of retaining wall, and the retaining wall can be used for longer time.

Gabion wall features: Gabion wall engineering can make the harmony with the natural environment. And improve the environment quality of highway. With the larger porosity of 20% - 30%, there is no need to set scuppers, expansion joints and settlement joint.

Gabion Wall

Compared with other types of retaining walls, gabion wall has the advantages of ecological, low cost and the deformation without damage and so on.

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