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Gabion Mesh Sack: Permeability & Easy Installation

Gabion Mesh Sack, also known as gabion mesh bag or Alloy mesh bag.

Gabion Mesh Sack is a columniform bag woven by double hexagonal nettings, the use of metal wire is based on the size of hexagonal different if the metal coating of metal wire, use wire 2.0mm to 4.0mm wires, if it is PVC coated hexagonal woven wire, the outside diameter of 3.0mm to 4.5mm of PVC (metal) line. Edge of the line frame is used at more than thick hexagonal wire line.

Gabion Mesh Sack according to ASTM A 975 and EN10223 standards of production, there are mesh: 60 × 80, 80 × 100, 100 × 120, 120 × 150mm.

Gabion Mesh Sack uses: Underwater fling project, slope fencing project.

Gabion Mesh Sack features

Self water permeability: There are gaps between stone fill in the sack gabion. The stone fill is good for the water to seep through the structure, relieving the hydrostatic pressures, insure the earth’s shear strength, well for whole structure’s stable; meanwhile, saved the charge for traditional retaining drainage equipment, low down the whole cost.

Long life: The material of sack gabion is 10% aluminum-zinc alloy steel wire, excellent manufacture technology decided zinc cover's uniformity, better corrosion resistance, using life can reach 100 years.

Economy: sack gabion defend project is formed by steel mesh box and fills. its cost lower than concrete price, lower and near to cemented masonry price. it can save foundation treatment’s great expense, especially the repair protecting project in the bad soil and base, presented greatly its advantage of low price.

Easy to installation: Sack gabion can make into semi-manufactured goods according to design, and then the installation and set based on drawing, easy to operate, small interference by the climate, and fit for mechanized operation, it not only assure the project quality but also can quicken the pace of the project.

Gabion Mesh Sack packaging: Basically sack gabion pocket fasteners are attached, in order to facilitate transport and handling in the factory tie them together, tie wire to the volume form. Fasteners must be stored in dry conditions.

Sack Gabion Material:Can be electro galvanized wire, hot dip galvanized wire, high hot dip galvanized wire, and Galfan wire, plastic coated wire and other raw materials.

Gabion Mesh Sack Treatment Process:Zinc. For use in harsh environments can also add a 0.5mm PVC coating.
In order to close the bag faster in installation process, insert steel at the mesh end during the manufacturing process.

Gabion Mesh Sack Specifications

Size of Gabion
Length of cage (m) Diameter of cage (m) Volume (m3)
1.8 0.6 0.54
2.7 0.6 0.80
1.8 0.9 1.2
2.7 0.9 1.80

(Specific size can be customized based on the engineering design requirements)

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