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Wire Mesh Fence

Welded Wire Fence

Welded wire fence, made of low carbon steel, with curved style and weaved shape style is widely used as protective in highway, railway and bridges.

Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence, with horizontal double wires design, can provide safe guard for industrial sites, playing fields, schools, nurseries, etc.

Temporary Fence

Temporary fence, including steel tube temporary fence, welded temporary fence and chain link fence can provide quick and convenient safety protection.

358 Security Fence

358 security fence with small openings, features anti-climb and anti-cut as prison security fencing, factory machine guards, walkway security fencing.

Palisade Fence

Palisade fence, including D type palisade fencing or W type palisade fencing, can be used for residential sites, schools, lawn, garden roads, etc.

Razor Wire Fence

Razor wire fence, including spiral razor wire, flat razor wire and straight razor wire can be produced with different blades.

Garden Fence

Garden fence, with anti-climbing and anti-trampling features, can keep your plant life safe and sound.

Sports Fence

Sports fence, with bright color, flat surface and good strength, is widely used for keeping balls inside of the play area and protecting the public.