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Wire Mesh Fence - Ideal Metal Mesh Wall

The surface treatment of road side fence is electro galvanized, hot-galvanzied, spray plastic. With the character of anti-corrosion, anti-aging and sunscreen, and so on. The structure of grid simple, beautiful, practical, easy transport, installation without limit of undulating terrain. With strong adaptability for mountain, slope, bending zone. It is an ideal metal mesh wall.

Railway fence on both sides of the main railway, as do the fence of isolation and the use of a railway fence enclosed places professional use products. Railway fence is durable, beautiful, wide vision characteristics, and excellent protection performance. The fence with column by pouring concrete pieces, low cost and overall. The overall stability of high strength, body colored plastic mesh layer has good corrosion resistance and decorative effect, so that the overall harmonious appearance Pen community. Mainly used in railway development zones closed highway guard rail and fence around boundary and site area to use.

Railway fence

Airport fence made of wire mesh panel welded by low carbon steel wire, razor wire (optional) and bracing (optional). Airport fence also named "Y type security and defense network ". It make up with V form, reinforced solder lug network and security alarm and pot galvanized razor barbed cage. It is a strength and a high level of security and defense of the tube industry products. Network connection using a special SBS body parts closely to effectively prevent the devastating man-made Demolition, lateral bending ribs 4 has made the surface strength increased significantly. Our products have the character of beautiful, simple, good corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and anti-climbing. Mainly used for isolation production around the airport and anti-climb projects.

Sport fence welded by low carbon steel wire, with the character of uniform mesh, good flexible, easily deformed, reasonable structure and durable. The mesh panel have high degree of corrosion through electro-galvanzied, hot-galvanized, spray plastic, etc. Sports fence have high mesh body and strong anti-climb ability. It is a new type fence products. You can installed column and fence in construction site. The most advantage is strong flexibility, change the structure of mesh, shape and size at any time by request. Special application for 4m hight, used as stadium fence, basketball fence, volleyball venue and sports training field, etc.

Garden fence usually used low carbon steel wire and aluminum-Mg alloy wire as material, then made by woven and welded. The finish treatment is electro-galvanzied, hot-galvanized, spray plastic, etc. Our products have the character of beautiful and practical, Used to protect the flowers and plant from eating or spoiled by animals. Used for residential area, port, garden and other barrier protection. Special specification also customized by customer requirements.

Temporary fence are made with bended hot-dip galvanized tube after welding, and they are beautiful, strong and highly fixable. As the design of the obstacles are used with pin-type, can install quickly and easily, without the need to dig holes in the ground or foundations. With strong ability to adapt the terrain, easy installation and transportation, completed it need few people. Mainly used for important meetings, festival, sporting events and other temporary barriers.

Residential fence belong to high-end products in the isolation area fence, especially used in conjunction with the traditional brick wall, show more innovative rather than imposing rigid, bright color and harmonious with the environment. With the character of good stability, high corrosion and long-life. Particularly suitable for modern industrial field area. Mainly used for high-tech development zone, ports, agricultural development zones, residential area, and so on.

Mostly bridge fence welded by expanded mesh, special pipe, side of the ear and round pipe. Fixed by connection accessories and galvanzied column. Affordable, beautiful shape, less air resistance. Extend life and reduce maintenance costs after double-coated galvanzied coating. With the character of install easily, no-easy damaged, easy to stick with a long clean dust. Mainly used for the lights protection of highway vehicles at nights.

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