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Steel Grating - Great for Chemical Industry Platform

A bundle of steel gratings on the ground.
Steel grating has flat, serrated and I bar shapes.


  • Country: Yemen.
  • Product: steel grating.
  • Quantity: 530 PCS.

Our client is an engineering in Yemen, he works in a chemical plant. He wanted to purchase the steel grating for platform. He gave us the specs and wanted us to give him the best price. The specs he gave us were as follows:

  • Grating type: serrated steel grating.
  • Material: hot dipped galvanized steel.
  • Plate size: 30 mm × 3 mm.
  • Grating opening: 30 mm × 100 mm.


  • About the products
    When we received the inquiry of our client, we replied immediately, we sent the quotation of the serrated steel grating to our client including the delivery time. Our client told us that his project schedule was very tight, so he wanted to order the products immediately. Then we knew about the customer wanted to use the steel grating as platform for oil storage. And the weather was not rainy. So we suggested our client to order the flat shape steel grating not the serrated steel grating. The flat steel grating was good enough for the platform and the price was economical. Additional, the delivery time was short enough to satisfy the client requirements. So our client accepted the advice. So the final specs were as follows:
    • Product: flat type steel grating.
    • Material: hot dipped galvanized steel.
    • Plate size: 30 mm × 3 mm.
    • Grating opening: 30 mm × 100 mm.
  • About the price
    The client wanted us to give him the CIF to Hodeida price. So we asked our shipping agent of the freight charge. The shipping agent told us that the May day was coming, so the fright charge raised a lot, we sent the freight charge to our client but he told us that the charge was too expensive to accept. After discussing with our sales manager, we decided to bear part of the fright charge of the goods. Our client accepted the price and thanked us a lot.

Production and delivery
After receiving the payment from our client, we started to arrange production. Because we had the stock of the material, so we saved the time of purchasing the material. The delivery time is also tight, so we discussed with our workshop manager and decided that all the workers would work overtime and improve production efficiency.
Thanks to our skilled workers, who have years of experience of producing steel grating, so we complete the production as schedule. And the products loading and shipping is also very smoothly. Our client received the products and complete the project smoothly.

A measurement picture of steel grating opening by the vernier caliper.
Grating opening measurement of steel grating.
A measurement picture of steel grating plate thickness by the vernier caliper.
Plate thickness measurement of steel grating.

The sales representative is professional and give lots of constructive suggestions and solve my problems.
The products works great and the package is perfect. There is no any damage during transporting.
We have other orders of the steel grating, if it is confirmed, we will contact you as soon as possible.

The flat shape steel gratings are installed on the platform.
Steel grating is widely used as platform in chemical industries.

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