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Steel Grating Hot Applications and Installation Notes

Specification Thickness (mm) Tread plate
thickness (mm)
Steel grating specification Pedestrian loading
Maximum span (mm)
DGP23 23 3 DG205/40/100 1100
DGP28 28 3 DG255/40/100I 1300
DGP35 35 3 DG325/40/100I 1600
DGP41 41 3 DG385/40/100I 1900
DGP47 47 3 DG445/40/100I 2100
DGP53 53 3 DG505/40/100I 2400

Tree Pool Cover:

Tree Pool Cover

Tree Pool Cover is made from the two or four symmetrical docking plate body, and its center has the tree hole, tree hole is surrounded by many leak holes. Mainly used for street trees on both sides of the green landscape, a protective pool of soil erosion and beautify the environment.

Material: Steel grating, cast iron, resin composite materials.

Features: It has the appearance of beautiful, simple, high strength characteristics, not broken, hot-dip galvanizing, with corrosion resistance; hollow rate, drainage performance, the grass can enjoy full air and sunlight; easy installation and removal convenient.

Installation Notes:

  1. To ensure the basic strength, you must pre-cast concrete foundation before installation tree pool cover
  2. Must fasten bolts and cement mortar to be poured into the box floor after installation tree pool cover.
  3. According to actual requirements, make any shape and size of the tree pool cover.

Gully cover:

Gully cover is welded by steel grating.

Features: Installation simple, light weight, high bearing, drainage good; Hot-dip zinc surface treatment, aesthetics, durability, corrosion and rust; he cover and the frame are connected with chains, which is anti-theft, safe and easy to open.

Application: Widely used in municipal roads, garden facilities, residential quarters, schools, sports management and other different places.

Compound Steel Grating :

Compound steel grating is composed of checkered plate on sealed surface & steel grating with certain spanning capability. Compound steel grating is formed of any type of steel grating and checkered plate in different thicknesses.

Materials: Common G323/40/100 steel grating for floor, 3mm thick tread plate. Also uses 4mm, 5mm or 6mm tread plate.

High strength, light structure, corrosion resistance, durable;
Glossy surface, No accumulation of dirt, self-cleaning, easy to maintain.
Ventilation, lighting, cooling, explosion-proof, non-slip performance, installation simple and removal easy.

Grades and specifications:
The grade of compound steel grating: D G P □□
"P" is sign of composite steel grating, the last 2 digits is its thickness, commonly used standard compound grating specifications (the table weight is the finished product a weight after galvanized):

Specification Height (mm) Tread plate
Thickness (mm)
Steel grating specification Pedestrian loading
Maximum span (mm)
DGP23 23 3 DG205/40/100 1100
DGP28 28 3 DG255/40/100I 1300
DGP35 35 3 DG325/40/100I 1600
DGP41 41 3 DG385/40/100I 1900
DGP47 47 3 DG445/40/100I 2100
DGP53 53 3 DG505/40/100I 2400

Application: In the grating front or bottom welded steel mesh to form the compound steel grating, can prevent small items falling. In the granary, restaurants, warehouses, widely using it to prevent rats and other small animals.

Platform Grating:

Material: Generally used Q235 flat steel; 5 × 5, 6 × 6, 8 × 8mm square twisted steel as the cross bar.


  • It has the strongest resistance to surface impact, especially for the 50mm bar spacing grating has a strong anti-side shocks.
  • Beautiful style, easy to install. Can weld kick plate (guard board), armour plate, installation connecting fitting and so on accessories.
  • Can use different specification flat steel grating, or use angle steel, channel steel, square pipe and so on.
  • Can install handle and gemel in the steel grating plate which moves frequently.

Welding requirements:

Must be removed the zinc layer, paint, rust, oil and water of support beam and grating surface before welding.
Using of sub-welding, weld length is not less than 25mm, and welding angle is not less than 5mm.
After welding, remove weld slag, hand-painted two zinc-rich paint.

Application: The platform steel grating plate application scope is extremely widespread, such as general factory, workshop, mining industry, harbor and so on, artistic style, installment convenient; it is one kind of new construction product.

Steel Grating Ceiling :

It is a room ceiling product using steel grating as material used in warehouse and large workshop.

Material: Q235 carbon flat steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum.

Features: High carrying capacity, light structure, easy to crane unloading and installation; surface gloss appearance, self-cleaning, easy maintenance, long service life.

Application: Widely used in tobacco manufacturing, industrial plants, sports stadiums, convention centers, large commercial, railway stations, docks, airports and other industrial and civil construction as the ceiling.

Stair treads

Stair treads also known as "ladders", According to installation, stair treads general can be divided into two types: welding fixing and bolted fixing. If welded directly to the support and does not require additional stepping on the side panels, relatively economical and durable, but not easy to disassemble. Bolt treads on both sides have the thicker panel, and punch a hole in the side panel, the installation is a direct bolt-on, reusable recycling.

According to whether has the nosing and connection of mode ladder beam, stair treads can be divided into four forms, as shown below:

Specifications: The common ladder width of stair treads is 700mm, 800mm, 900mm, not less than 600mm, not more than 1200mm.

Application: Mainly used for industrial platforms, ladders pedal, handrails, access flooring, railway bridge side of the road, aerial tower platform, drain covers, manhole covers, road grille, parking lots, offices, schools, factories , enterprises, playground, garden villa fence, it also can be used as houses of windows, balcony railings.

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