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Perforated Metal for Decoration and Protection

Decorative perforated metal:

  • Interior decorative mesh mainly perforates kinds of hole types on the metal plates, with good vision and decoration. It is mainly used to decorate doors or windows, partitions, elevators, shelf, can be also used for building celling, absorbing noise materials, also as decorated plate in building stairs, balconies, environmental tables.

  • Outdoor decorative mesh are used for building walls decoration. As barrier for highway, railway, subway and government facilities; also used in construction objects, power rooms, factory sites and absorbing plate of source of noises sound.

Perforated metal for building:

  • Corner bead is made with galvanized steel plate or stainless steel perforated metal. The two rings of corner beads can be combined with concrete, using in building as a smooth, straight corner. The common length is 8” or 10”, (available as customer’s request).

  • Corridor plate and checker plate. Made by heavy steel sheet. The steel sheet surface is embossed for non-slip. It can be used in industrial corridors, car production line, elevators, flat flooring. It is suitable for all kind of corrosive environments with the long – time use.

Perforated metal for fencing: Widely used as highway fence, sports fields fence, the road green protection fence, agricultural test protection and other minerals. It has the features of solid, beauty, and easy maintenance, good visibility, bright colors and so on.

Perforated metal for machinery protection:

As the perforated metal has a good permeability, perforated products are generally used in mechanical and electrical equipment, with the effects of beauty, ventilation, and easy to observe. Such as mill, harvester, cage and a variety of machinery and equipment.

In the protection fields, perforated products are also the ideal materials of other facilities or items of raw materials, such as light shields, lockers, industrial containers, etc.

Perforated metal for filter: In general perforated metal for filter is used to support the cotton filter or filter paper media. After processing, it with the types of tube, column, panel, cone-shaped can be used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical field as precision filters, filter plates, filter cartridges, filter and so on.

Perforated metal processed products: Furniture products, machinery sieves, voice speaker, muffler, filter and other equipment are used in kitchen equipment, such as stainless steel fruit basket, food cover, fruit tray, shelves, barbecue and other applications.

Architecture artist: Some artists design the beautiful piece of art with the unique characteristics of perforated metal.

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