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Gabion Mesh for Construction & Building Protection

  • Gabion for slope protection, Adaptability: adapt to the deformed foundation. High flexibility: Even if there is large-scale collapse, deformation, gabion will be not easy to be destroyed. With permeability, corrosion resistance and erosion, it can protect river bank from being destroyed, and achieve the water and the slope between the soil under natural convection switching capabilities, to keep the ecological balance. The green plants on the slope can add the landscape and achieve the greening effect.

  • Gabion for hydraulic engineering, Gabion with the character of permeability. The gap between stone in gabion, provided a sufficient water area, reduced the hydrostatic, so no need special drain equipment and easy-crack concrete plant. As a protection system at the place where have a great storm, the gap between stone made waves be resolved substantially when waves hit the gabion mats. The vacuum suction have been destroyed when the waves generated. Can effectively achieve protective effect.

    In hydraulic engineering, using gabion very economic. The gabion system made of steel wire box and filler, lower cost than general building material. The filler only need weathering and have a certain strength. Generally, using different grade stone as filler. Sometimes even using some clean construction waste as filter. So the cost very low. Especially when the conditions of local base is poor, can save a large proportion of ground handling costs.

  • Beautiful ecology gabion, is the ideal environmental selection of corrosion-resistant, consolidate the river-bed and control river. Gabion structure with natural bio-engineering. The environment with the ability of natural recovery when construction finished. This is the most important character of gabion structure. They not only doesn’t prevent plant growth, but also create a favorable environment for plant natural growth and root development. At the same time, provided a good aesthetic for human, animal and plant. When finished of gabion install, can reduce the noise of around, provided better drainage and filtration devices.
    With the continuous improvement of methods, in the construction design can provided a variety gabion structure design which benefit to plants rapidly grown and bio-engineering.

  • Gabion for bridge, gabion can used bottom and side of bridge, play the role of solid bridge base and consolidate the surrounding soil. Gabion protection cage body is formed by a number of “cage body”, the mesh wire have strong tensile strength. Formed a stronger protective structure between box and filler. The use of partition reduced movement between stone, enhance the ability of structure. As time increased, the effectiveness of gabion will be more apparent.

  • Channel linings: Gabions are the frequent choice for channel design solutions because they provide for economical construction and ensure functional and structural integrity. Unlike many "hard armor" solutions which actually contribute to greater run-off volumes by prohibiting water infiltration, gabions are permeable. Moreover, gabions do not prohibit the growth of vegetation but in fact, stabilize soil giving plants the opportunity to take root and grow. Gabions will revegetate spontaneously and once growth takes hold, these channels will provide for the aesthetic and habitat needs of both humans and wildlife. Revegetated channels are further shown to reduce noise levels, provide for significant water filtering and are less likely to be an attractive nuisance.
    Channels are commonly trapezoidal or rectangular. Trapezoidal channels have sloped sides and are formed by excavation. Gabion mattresses are placed on sloped sides and channel bottom for protection against erosion. Rectangular channels have vertical or near vertical sides which are formed with gabions; the channel bottom may be fully or partially protected with gabion mattresses depending upon the resistance of in situ material to erosion or scour.

  • Gabion retaining wall, are stacked pile of retaining structures. Gabion retaining wall is with cages filling with the size of the padding in a significant proportion of the stones. Thus there is the degree of porosity. With the room between the stones, it can below the soil behind the masonry to protect the slope soil water and reduce the water level, reduce the pressure of the surface water. Water discharged in time reduces the chance of retaining walls destroyed, so that the retaining wall will get longer using time greatly. At the same time, gabion wall is made of iron wire cages with the deformation. And it can slide between the stones, thus the deformation of the retaining wall can buffer the sudden force.
  • Gabion for road: There are two type. One is to protect the road, for example, in the side of the road, the gabion cages assemble the dike to prevent the flood and protect the road. In the side of embankment, the gabion cages is used to reinforce the embankment. The other is during the road construction, the heavy hexagonal wire netting is put into the embankment to prevent cracking.

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